About Tilda

Tilda is a craft brand started by the Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999.

Tilda is most known for the whimsical, comical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls. Tilda's world is without a doubt a feminine one, and the most recognisable features are the faces, with two dots for eyes and rosy cheeks.

The Tilda range consists of craft books and craft products for sewing and paper craft. The products are produced and distributed by Panduro Hobby and available in most of Europe. The books are also distributed to other parts of the world like USA, Australia and China.

Tone Finnanger is the designer and owner of the brand Tilda.
She grew up in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Always fond of art and craft, inspired by members of the family she soon began to explore how she could make a living from her talent. The dream was to make dolls and scenery for animation films, while in real life she was working in a craft shop.

This combination is what eventually led to the idea of Tilda. Tone started Tilda in 1999, 25 years old.
She now lives on an island in the Oslo fjord with her boyfriend and her dog. This is also where she has her studio. She has her education in graphic design and art.

Please respect the copyright law in regard to Tilda.
The copyright law is there to protect designers and
other artists, and their livelihood.

Tilda is made for private use.
According to copyright law you can't sell Tilda models on
the commercial market, or put Tilda patterns or templates
on the internet for anyone to use.

Thank you.

Please Note: All that is written here has been taken from the Official Tilda Site

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Unknown said...

Hi. There seems to be some confusion over whether crafters are allowed to sell Tilda dolls they make from kits and books. The comments I've heard is crafters aren't commercial. Is that right?