Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome to my Tilda Blog

This is a blog dedicated to THE LOVE OF TILDA.

I have been loving Tonne Finnager's designs for a couple of years or so now.
Tilda Purse

Gorgeous Tilda fabrics I purchased

Tilda Angel I made

A Tilda Sew Along Doll I made

This is where I will have photos, links etc especially to promote my Tilda love.



Perri said...

Like you Lisa, I am slowing starting to love 'Tilda' also ... so pleased to have found your 'Tilda blog'.
Happy stithcing, P

lisa said...

Yay for Tilda .Spreading the Tilda Love
great idea!

kim keller said...

I just discovered Tilda! I'm so in love with everything, and I am excited to see you are too! I'll be following your blog and anticipate your future posts.